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Information for students and families about the 2021-22 school year, 包括校园健康和安全协议. We will add additional information here as we receive questions and clarify answers. - 2021年8月17日更新


Students traveling internation所有y may arrive on campus as early as August 26.

Returning students — boarding and day — should plan to arrive on September 3.


太阳3鼓励未接种疫苗的学生安排到达时间 不迟于9月1日, so they have time to complete quarantine prior to the first day of classes, September 9. If a student will be delayed due to reasons outside of their control, 太阳3将尽力适应.


太阳3强烈鼓励所有学生接种疫苗. Research clearly shows that widespread vaccination is the best way to achieve “herd immunity” and to ensure the health and safety of our community. This will also 所有ow us to take students off-campus for activities with other schools, 欢迎客人进入校园, and embrace the close-knit culture we 所有 cherish and have missed so much during the past year. 进一步, unvaccinated students may not be able to participate fully in athletics, 周末活动, 和所有学校活动. We ask that 所有 students upload a copy of their COVID-19 vaccination card or other proof of vaccination in their SchoolDoc account. 


Due to the surge of the Delta variant and the prevalence of breakthrough cases, 所有 boarding students — regardless of vaccination status — are required to provide documentation of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours before arriving on campus.


截至8月23日, 在另行通知之前, 太阳3注册的要求 所有 students and adults to wear masks when indoors, 在共享公共空间.


Students who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will not have to quarantine when they arrive on campus. Unvaccinated boarding students will be required to quarantine on campus for 5 to 7 days, 直到收到室内测试的阴性结果.


是的! 针对没有机会接种疫苗的学生, Miss H所有’s will facilitate vaccination after their arrival on campus. Parents/guardians must complete a waiver giving the School permission to coordinate the vaccination.


All MHS students are required to have an active medical insurance policy that covers the cost of medical services provided by practitioners while under school care. International students in need of coverage can enroll in insurance from Clifford Allen. 负责招生说明, select the “Insurance” tab in your SchoolDoc account and follow the instructions. Proof of insurance must be received by the Health and Wellness Center before students can move into their dorm rooms or participate in school activities.


太阳3注册的要求 所有 员工需要接种COVID-19疫苗.

What other precautions is Miss H所有’s taking to safeguard students during the pandemic?

We are requiring 所有 students and adults to wear masks when indoors, 在共享公共空间, and we are adhering to the CDC’s recommendations for at least three feet of social distancing at 所有 times when indoors.

We will continue the practice started last year of daily health screenings using the MyMedBot application, 哪一个可以通过手机或平板电脑访问. 太阳3还将继续每周监测测试. 未接种疫苗的学生将每周接受检测, 同时对其他学生和成年人进行随机抽样测试.

进一步, 所有 Miss H所有’s students, adults, and visitors are asked to follow our 公共利益原则 保护社区健康.


所有访客,包括家属,都必须 填写这份问卷 无论在室内还是室外,都必须佩戴口罩.

Will Miss H所有’s dormitories and the Dining Room be open during breaks?

是的. 长周末开放宿舍及餐厅.  In the event that there are international students who are unable to travel home due to COVID-related travel restrictions, 学校将在秋季开放, 冬天, 以及有限制的春假. Students who need this option must obtain permission from the School in advance and will be required to pay additional fees.

Does the School provide transportation to and from airports before and after breaks?

除了秋季初的长周末, 秋季家庭周末之后呢, Miss H所有’s School provides school vacation transportation to and from Albany and Bradley/Hartford international airports, as well as to and from designated drop-off and pick-up points for Boston and New York City-area international airports. MHS安排直接往返约翰。F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) only at F所有 Break, 冬天 Break, and Spring Break. The school does not provide transportation to any other airport or city.

请注意:由于新增与covid - 19相关的限制, 以及有限的班车司机, the prices for transportation to and from airports — particularly Boston Logan and New York JFK and Newark — are much higher than in past years. 每个家庭需要支付250到500美元的费用, 视乎时间表及每班车乘客人数而定.


Director of Academic Counseling Sarah Virden has emailed 2021-22 class information to 所有 returning students. Please use the class information attached to the communication to order books for the upcoming school year through our book vendor, ecampus.com. 链接到MHS书店是 http://misshalls.ecampus.com/.

When you go to the ecampus site, you will shop by schedule, using your class list as your guide. 如果比较容易的话,你可以直接把书送到MHS. 请务必在收货地址中填写您的姓名, 这样太阳3就知道包裹应该寄给谁了. Should you have any questions about this process or the class information that you have received, 请直接通过电子邮件联系Sarah Virden: svirden@blogpersonal.net.


今年, each student will have a bank of excused absences to use for cultural or religious observations, 一学年最多5天(9月- 5月). 在这一政策, 可以在赎罪日之类的时候请假, 农历新年, 耶稣受难日, 开斋节, 等. 有关这项政策的更多信息可在太阳3的 2021 - 22岁学生家庭手册.

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